Sitting in Starbucks, because I don’t currently have a home to go to, using their internet. The girls that work here are speaking French. It makes me miss being in a foreign language speaking country. I loved the almost invisible feeling of being in Italy, Paris, and Greece not knowing what people were saying. Constantly observing conversations and imagining what was being said based off of body language, etc. I liked being able to check out from listening to what people were saying and just listen to a language and how different it was. I liked observing more without speaking, just thinking, and writing. It was very calming. Maybe I liked the solitude. I can’t wait to go to Spain and Paris. I need this trip. Bad.


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  1. This is an interesting perspective. My sister and I speak in French sometimes in public, so maybe you should just learn French. When are you leaving for Spain? And where did you move to btw? I ask cause I’m headed to Richmond in an hour for the weekend. Get back to me.

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