Oh, hey blog, it’s been a while. I’m sorry I’ve kept myself too busy to spend any time with you. That will surely change.

So, I went on this big trip…and there is way too much to say about it. 921 pictures and a more than half-full moleskin  (sans 4 days I need to catch up on.) Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris in one breath: Backpacks, hostels, planes and metros, magical cities, intoxicating late nights, sore backs, very little English, on our feet all day everyday, beautiful architecture, beautiful people, beautiful food, broken Spanish and French attempts, deep thinking/deeply thankful, some of the most famous art in the world inches from our faces, great new foreign friends, my 25th birthday, crazy weird connections in far away lands, an unbelievable reunion with my two favorites from Glasgow School of Art, the best exhibition I’ve been to, to date, exhaustion, and a long, frustrating day and a half of travel back to real life. Inspirational and uplifting, yet again. I can almost taste the day I make that my life, somewhere in Europe. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.  I want to start with my favorite picture from Paris. I have to keep looking at the pictures to remind myself it was real.

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  1. Becky! Your photos are so beautiful! I had such a great time with you guys, hope everything is going well and I can’t wait until we reunite again some day in the not too distant future, somewhere in this magical world 🙂 Love Ally

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