Beach on the brain!!

Leaving tomorrow for the OBX, and even though it’s a short mini beach trip (and I’m not exactly bikini ready…), I am so excited to put my toes in the sand for the first time this season and soak up the sun allllll day. And of course a house full of friends and booze, pool, and hot tub 🙂

Expect 1000 new freckles by Monday. Example:


My love of portraiture, with a grotesque twist will never die. I am so inspired by heavy flesh tones, wetness, and unconventional views when it comes to nudes. Monica Cook embodies all of that and more. Fascinated by her work.

I love contemporary (“art”) jewelry, especially when it’s literally made of artistic materials.  Iris Tsante‘s pieces are beautiful, colorful, and creative. Makes my noodle run with ideas of other ways to manipulate materials into something beautiful while functioning as something other than an art making tool…