I need a mountain get away soon. Time to clear my head and my heart.


Just found out about this little gem:

Amazoning that sucker soon to get some ideas flowin’.

Also, here’s the New York Times article on her if you want to know more.


Had a lovely night with the girls tonight. I’m so thankful I have such good girls in my life. I feel so lucky. It is soo healthy to talk out our lives with other smart, emotionally intelligent (not to mention beautiful and talented) and self aware women who really get and analyze their interactions with others, and that have a general good grasp on real life. There is a serious lack of drama, immaturity, and selfishness which make us such a good girl fam. Did I mention I’m lucky? Women don’t have the best track record for all of those things…! Wine, too much cheese, 8 1/2, lots of laughs, and home before 1am! Winning.