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I’m going to get started with Christmas early this year. I got a bunch of stuff yesterday to start making gifts. I haven’t started before the last min in December in years, so there was never enough time to make everything. It’s much more meaningful annnd cheaper that way. I’m getting a tree the first week of December. I want that pine smell when I walk in the door for the whole month! I’m looking forward to lighting candles, making a warm drink, putting on [tasteful] Christmas music and decorating my little tree. Maybe I will actually have some Christmas spirit this year. It’s been harder to do as an adult I’ve found. Yet, Christmas has a cozy romance to it, in my opinion.

I wonder when I’ll start holiday cards. I remember every year, my parents scrambling to get the holiday letter and photo (oh, and deciding which photo) done to send out in time. My dad sitting at the computer printing out dozens of letterheads and envelopes. Reading the letter my dad wrote in his reporter-esque style, giving an overview of our various accomplishments of the year. It seemed so stressful and rushed, all to fill in people you haven’t talked to in years. A nice idea, of course. I did always like seeing how family friends had changed, grown up. But is it as necessary anymore when now we keep up on Facebook, email, etc? I want to think it is, because it’s always nice to get personal mail and think of people you love from your past. I think when I finally get organized and on top of such things (which I tend to be very bad at, as the # 1 procrastinator/keep-in-toucher ever) I will finally feel like a real adult.

(These cute cards sure do make it seem more appealing though…)


(oops this never posted on Sunday)

Sometimes I just need a day of mindlessness. Today was one of those. A day to stay in my nighty all day, not leave the house, watch movies, order Chinese food, and not think about the stress and worries of my life. Or try not to, at least. I have a hard time not feeling guilty for days like today, that I “wasted.” But, at the same time I feel they are healthy once in a while so I shouldn’t beat myself up about a lazy Sunday with myself.

Lingua franca

A lingua franca (or working language, bridge language, vehicular language) is a language systematically used to make communication possible between people not sharing a mother tongue, in particular when it is a third language, distinct from both mother tongues.[1]

[I like this term to describe a way of working.]